Substitute Paradise is a series of work that explores the different facets of one’s inner self. The identification of self has always been an intriguing subject to me. The motivation for this project originates in a keen awareness of the existence of an other within me and an inexorable eagerness to escape from the source of my angst and tumult. The two versions of self contradict with each other that they are both intertwined, yet yearning to break free. The problematic ambiguity of the self urges me to probe into the complexity and depth of the various selves in a person.

Through the process of producing these images, I enter the transitory paradise that I create, in which soul is the ticket for admission. This utopia has nothing to do with true and false, nor the limit of time and space. When consciousness freezes along with the camera flash, I do not exist in the world. These subjects uncover my desire to escape from reality. They are the hidden ghosts within me. Yet, they are my salvation, taking me away, somewhere nice. 

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