Artist Book

如露亦如電 / Love Remains

First Edition

400 copies

108 pages

13.0 cm x 19.0 cm


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Love Remains

Love Remains is Sherry Huang’s first photo book. Taking the path of photography, the book is a private ceremony in which emotion is the offering. Bestowed with an extraordinarily powerful sense of intuition, Huang explores both the chiaroscuro and calculations of life. The fullness of her confidence is manifested through a naked awareness; yet it backlashes, creating tension.

Shot on black and white film, each photo proposes visceral content that breaks down taboos and expresses one true conviction. The creator revolts within the patterns and rhythms of thinking and composition, inverting a tenderness and love of great magnitude. This quality originates from Huang’s decisive analysis of the images of daily life, in which she has discovered that in the severest moments of bleakness and callousness, there are many fissures that allow one to embrace all and to free oneself.

The struggles of reality are left behind to be inspected and verified. Only the pursuit of form remains as photography, as a pair of eyes, as a multi-channel of the senses. In the flyleaf, the creator speaks of birds singing in the morning that she hears but never sees. Similarly, all proofs and bases shall never meet. Investigations stand starkly in opposition; they offer solutions to themselves, yet still they reach nothing and come to nothing.

A passage of a Buddhist epigram states, “all things resulting from a cause are like a dream or an illusion. We shall regard them as we would dewdrops and lightning.” It speaks of leading a simple life and, eventually, a simple death and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. In the case of the creator, it speaks of the one last fight after failing to avoid the inevitable. Rhythm and cadence creeps across her predicament. Such disillusionment approaches death and fear; yet, it can always be resurrected through photography.

Love Remains is Huang’s photographic path during a certain stage of her life. It is also the most violently contrasting state she has yet experienced. Only amidst the tempestuous storm will she find ease and peace in time.
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